Speak up about the orphan crisis, adoption and the call on the church to care for orphans.  This takes all of us.

I am an experienced and passionate speaker.  I will tailor my remarks to your goals and audience.  I especially love to encourage women who are foster and adoptive mamas.



Why We are Called to Love the Orphan

Second Mothers: Support for Foster and Adoptive Moms

Orphan Sunday:  The Key to Open Hearts

Older Child Adoption:  Could You, Should You, Will You Survive It?

My Life in Miracles:  Testimonies of Faith

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If you need a reference, these are some events at which I have spoken:

Together for Adoption, www.togetherforadoption.org

CAFO Summit, www.cafo.org

World Without Orphan Global Summit, www.worldwithoutorphans.org

Embrace, www.embracetheorphan.org