About Jodi



We have a large and growing family of world-changers.

Five of our kids have come to us through adoption.

My husband, Jerry Tucker, is my partner in life.  We married in 2005 and merged our families, starting with 4 kids (2 each).  God continued to add to our family through adoption, and stretch our tent pegs.  Meanwhile, we founded our family business that gives back to put children in families.

We are all passionate advocates for adoption, especially Older Child Adoption. We have lots of fun and we have lots of noisy parties.

Media about our family tells the story of our wacky, wonderful “Team Tucker”

Durham Family Opens Home to brother of adopted Ugandan girl (television news)

Durham couple arranges surgery for conjoined twins (television news)

Adopting a Teen (YouTube Show)

Teen Adoption in Uganda (YouTube Show)

Teen Boy Homecoming (YouTube Show)

Bible Gift for Sister (YouTube Show)

The Joys of Older Child Adoption (radio interview)

Called to Serve (radio interview)

AdoptTogether (online article)

Here’s a few more photos of my true inspirations:

(Header photo credit:  Bobby Neptune)