Orphan Sunday


Orphan Sunday calls the Church to care for orphans and vulnerable children.

God has been moving across the Earth to solve the orphan crisis through this simple idea.  He has called leaders from around the world and opened doors for Orphan Sunday to become a global movement of the church to care for orphans.  I am truly blessed to be a member of this incredible team.

Today, Orphan Sunday is observed in over 90 nations. Below are some news interviews where you can learn more about how you can get involved.  You can find more here:  www.orphansunday.org

Orphans No More on Orphan Sunday (WDCD radio interview)

Orphan Sunday addresses what can be done for millions of children suffering loss

All Christians Called to do Something for Orphans

Orphan Sunday has the humblest of beginnings, because that is how God works.

Jodi_churchstepsThis is the door of the church where Orphan Sunday was born in Kalingalinga, Zambia in 2002.

You can see the whole story of what God did through this church here:  Zambia’s Gift to the World

IMG_0518Amazingly, leaders of the faith at every level have embraced this simple idea, and it has changed nations.  In Ukraine, all major denominations have participated in Orphan Sunday, and the number of orphans has dropped dramatically as children become sons and daughters. This is the Bishop of the Orthodox faith with an adoptive family.

You can learn more about how God has changed Ukrainian hearts here:  You Will Be Found


Pastor Billiance Chondwe, the founder of Orphan Sunday, has been my brother and my friend for many years.  I am so honored to know him and serve with him and his team.

img_5270In 2014, I had the incredible adventure of traveling to Guatemala to learn more about how Orphan Sunday had impacted that nation.  (photo credit Ronnie Mosley, an amazing photographer and friend)

To learn more about how God has changed Guatemala, watch:  Guatemala Rises

IMG_1698Bishop Tendoro is the leader of over 600 million Christians worldwide, and was himself an orphan.  He and many other giants of the faith have called the church to the orphans of Philippines.  You can see more of this story here: Without A Net



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