Pharaoh’s Daughters


COMMUNITY.  We need each other. 

God is raising up an army of Daughters of the King, Called to Love the Orphan.

We are responding to these times in faith.  Exodus 2:5

In 2009 during a season of intense brokenness, God gave me an idea for a way to unite women from around the world who are caring for the orphan.  He showed me how the internet would enable us to reach and support each other in an unstoppable way.

From this idea, a new mission was born, based on the adoptive mother of Moses –  Pharaoh’s Daughter. Women all around the world, from every culture and country, are acting in courage to rescue and restore orphaned children.  Adoptive mothers, orphanage matrons, foster-care case workers, executive directors and entrepreneurs are bonded as women of faith, responding to the orphan crisis.  We need each other, and we can help each other.  This ministry is now born and helps all of us help each other.

You can become part of this community here:



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